Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Feeling Like a Bad Mom

Our kids are growing up so fast it's hard to even understand it sometimes. One minute the most important thing is which friend is coming over for a play date ... and it feels like the very next day you're having to research how closely high school graduation standards and college entrance requirements align.

My oldest son will be in 9th grade this year. Ninth grade is the last year of junior high in our district, but these grades will be included in his high school transcripts. He's a great student and is 'socially appreciated'. He's even run for student government three times and has been elected every time. Great kid. I'm so proud of the person he's become and how much he's grown up in the last couple of years.

This year I pushed him to join the football team. He needs the extracurricular for college and school/coach politics have squashed his dreams for basketball. Luckily, almost his entire male social group also went out for the team. The first week of practice was tough. He was sore. He was beat. He was exhausted, but determined to stick it out.

Now, he has a growing passion for it. But you should see him. He has huge bruises all over his arms from his shoulder pads and from other players' face masks. He looks like someone beat him with a baseball bat all week. What have I done? I'm glad he is feeling successful and strong. He really is 'taking it like a man' so to speak, but I ache inside to think of how much it must all hurt him. Crossing my fingers that all we'll have to deal with this season is more bruises, no broken bones ... no concussions. And I'd better do some more in-depth research at those college entrance requirements to make sure this is worth it.

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