Saturday, August 8, 2009

Long days ...

Somehow, it doesn't feel like I got anything really accomplished today. We got my car serviced for the upcoming San Fran roadtrip. I finished up a few sewing projects lying around and got the sewing table and its 'accessories' cleaned up and put away. I made a yummy potato salad for our church picnic tonight ... and then hit Craft Lake City as planned. I just didn't get anything done that was on my 'list'. You know those 'lists' that you keep adding to in your head as you walk around the house and see things that need to be done? Yep. Didn't really touch anything on that list today. Maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, I did find a new song that struck a chord with me today. It's called "Fool's Gold" by Will Derryberry. You can download it free here. Enjoy. And goodnight.

1 comment:

  1. Lisa, to me it sounds like you had a very productive day indeed!

    Lova Ya, SHelly