Tuesday, November 17, 2009

De-Stash Craft: Pillowcases

If you own a sewing machine, then you probably have at least a few piles of leftover fabric stashed somewhere in your house. It's time to dig them up and do a little good. This project is quick and easy and is a great one for teaching your kids how to sew. I made these as sleepover cases, but the next batch will be donated to Primary Children's Medical Center here in Salt Lake.

All materials 45" wide cotton woven
Body - 3/4 yard
Cuff - 1/4 yard
Trim - 2-4" based on preference

1 - Press cuff and trim pieces in half, wrong sides together.
2 - Pin all three pieces together matching raw edges, right sides together.3 - Sew with 5/8" seam allowance and press the trim and cuff down.
4 - Topstitch seam allowance to the body of the pillowcase.5 - Fold in half, right sides together matching side seams.
6 - Sew the 2 unfinished edges at 5/8", zigzag raw edges to finish.
7 - Turn corners and press if you like.The second one I made was flannel from last year's PJ scraps. I cut a front and back for the body that measured 20" x 27" and cut a 14" wide piece to make a 7" cuff, then used some coordinating grosgrain ribbon for trim. Both cases worked out great, adjust the size to meet your own needs. These are great for donations to hospitals and homeless shelters, but would also be perfect gifts for almost anyone. Great for kids to take to sleepovers, or just to have a holiday specific/birthday/camp/get better soon pillowcase. You name it. It would be fun to make a stack for Grandma's house too where kidlets may sleepover. Oh ... the possibilities are endless! :D

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