Friday, November 27, 2009

So Much Fun!

What a day! What a weekend! If I'm not careful I'm going to ruin all the surprises here. Let's see, let's see ... today our family is going to receive a HUGE surprise. I can't wait. Hubby and I are in countdown mode, but it's still too early to spill the beans here. You'll have to check back tonight to follow along.

In the meantime, I'm also so excited to take this class tomorrow with a dear friend. We'll drive out to Heber tomorrow morning where we'll get to meet the lovely Eva and Kirk Jorgensen and their letterpress. I can't tell you how much I love getting my hands into a new craft. I'll admit, I'm a little teeny bit of an addict. (hubby would argue the 'little teeny' point) I just can't help myself. It's completely therapeutic to me and keeps the wheels turning. Besides, I'll get to spend the afternoon meeting some wonderful new people, learn the basics of letterpress printing and come home with 50 Christmas cards that I will have printed all by myself. Yay!After all this, it will be our little one's birthday on Sunday. He's turning seven ... SEVEN? How is this possible? It's like I blink and another year has passed. We'll have a big birthday breakfast for him and a fiesta in the afternoon, complete with sombrero and little black mustaches for everyone.

Now I should really get back to my regularly scheduled morning sneakiness before the other kidlets wake up. Stay tuned for the photo play-by-play and have a wonderful Black Friday.

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