Monday, February 1, 2010

Week in Review 1/28/10

Wow! I'm spending way too much time at jetBlue these days and more time than ever in my car commuting. Can you tell? So far the whole cutover process has gone smoothly. There are a couple hiccups in the system which was to be expected, but it's been great to have different duties in the meantime. It's hugely refreshing to take calls from crew members instead of customers for a change. It was about time to shake things up.So, lots of work. Lots of driving. A quiet, tear-filled dinner, just me and my oldest girl, to give her the space to clear the air with me and earn back a little trust. A quick trip to the vet for Izzy's last set of shots. A yummy dinner out with the whole family and a homemade pot roast somewhere in the middle.

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