Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Week in Review 3/25/10

Holy scheduling nightmare. Training, training and more training ... waiting for #3 to be released from the hospital. Volunteer hours that still needed to be put in for the play chaperoning the boys' backstage room during the play and the cast pool party the next night. The cast party was, of course, scheduled for the same night as Junior MORP (love their take on 80's fashion). Sheesh! How many places am I expected to be anyways? And I'm surprised I didn't get some kind of funky disease from the gum collection in the choir room. Have you ever seen anything so gross? Ugh! Despite the junior high germ fest, I was caught off-guard by my son's friends though. Just before the play started they all quietly stood in the corner to say a prayer together. I'll admit I was a little misty-eyed. Oh! We also cheered at the next track meet and got Izzy her first name tag. She looks so grown up with her new 'necklace'.

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