Friday, July 24, 2009

I'll Stick Around ...

I woke up to more Etsy sales this morning - I LOVE YOU EMILY!!! Over 100 new hearts and at least 10 sales with a couple custom orders in the works now too. Etsy Finds, you're a life saver. This has a been a tough year when it comes down to numbers and I sometimes wonder if it's time to bury the lanterns and move on. But days like these talk me into sticking it out. I'm inspired and re-energized and ready to put some great new items in my shop. The whole new vibe reminded me of this great video by Arckid ... so I thought I'd share the sentiment with you today. Crank this one up.After the 'abuse' and the 'neglect' over the last few months, the praise and encouragement I received yesterday are enough to talk me into staying. Thank you.

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