Thursday, July 9, 2009

What's Wrong With This Picture?

I've made an extra effort to be really good this week. I've hit the gym 3 mornings and the lake 2 nights now, trying to look a little better in my swimsuit these days. So how is it that I end up looking at this tonight?

Now ... I should tell you that my step-daughter and I are collaborating on a writing project this week. She really excels in creative writing and has started a whole pile of stories in the last year or so. She writes these brilliantly detailed beginnings that really grab you and pull you in ... and then she sets them aside and never touches them again. I told her she should sell them as writing prompts. Anyway, she declared a few weeks ago that she'd found the perfect way for her to finish a story - to have someone else write the other half. Haha! I'll admit I really did laugh out loud. What she meant was that she wanted to write a story about a mother and daughter and have someone else, namely me, write the mother's part. I was flattered and the project is in full swing. It's brought us closer together and really helps with writer's block since we play off of each other's last entry.

Long story, longer - I must be having cravings or something, because I added a trip to the grocery store into the story line where they, of course, pick up some Ben & Jerry's and I needed to do some 'research'. :D

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