Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Make it Stop!

OK. I'm not sure what happened with our schedule this week, but this is really getting out of hand here! Sure, my day was pretty open during school hours. I was even able to sew the new baby blanket, finish up an old project AND come up with a new tutorial ... and then I got slammed with this:

2:30 Drive carpool
2:50 Get #1 to work
3:05 Finish up games for church activity
3:20 Boys home from school/help w/ homework
4:15 Get #2 dinner before football practice
4:30 PT conferences at high school (trying to meet w/ 8 teachers)
5:15 Get #2 to football
5:20 Pick up #3 to help at church tonight
5:30 Meet at church to set up games
6:15 Pick up #1 from work
6:45 Take #1 to babysitting job
7:00 Get #4 to scouts
7:30 Pick up #2 from football
8:00 Pick up #4 from scouts and get #5 in bed
8:30 Pick up #1 from babysitting and get #4 in bed
9:00 Get #'s 3,4 and 5 through showers
9:30 Get them in bed
10:00 Breathe

We didn't finish up at church until 9:15 tonight. Thank goodness hubby was able to come home at 4:00pm to help out. And tomorrow is going to be about the same too. #3 gets her braces off so we'll get her retainer fitted at 4:00, finish up PT conferences at the high school, start PT conferences (16 teachers total) at the junior high, race to #2's Court of Honor and try to get the girls to their young women's activity at church.

Someone stop the ride. I'd like to get off for a minute to catch my breath.

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