Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Goal: Write a wiki-How

I've been toying with the idea anyway ... and what better motivation than to become a wiki-How Hero and help send books to Africa!This month wiki-How is sponsoring a book for a child in Africa each time a registered user writes a new article. Registering took about 5 seconds tonight and you can even find lists of requested topics. You can track the programs project at the Charity Leaderboard. Tonight the count total is 139 books earned by the wiki-How community for children in Tanzania, Africa. I'll have to zip through the site's introductory tour if I get some free time tomorrow and narrow down my possible topics. I'm really excited. My dear hubby reads these all the time and has talked about me writing one for a long time. I guess it's my turn to peek around and see what they're all about and put myself out there. How about you join me? Go register. Write your article and post a linky-do here to share with my readers. (haha!) Now that brings me to another issue here ... I would love to know who's reading and what you think so far. I'll admit I lurk in and out of a lot of blogs without leaving comments, but as the blog writer I will definitely have more motivation to keep improving if I know for sure that I'm reading any kind of an audience out there. I've had a couple very sweet readers post a comment here and there, but let's get a shout out from the rest of you too. The more we've got, the easier it is to get contests and giveaways put together too. (throwing the bait out)

Hope to hear from your soon.

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