Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm Going Bananas ... ?

It's the week of Monster Mash, the high school Halloween dance. It's girls' choice. After laying down very clear ground rules, we've decided to let #1 go. She's not allowed to date until she's 16, so we're making it an "un-date". So tonight, after a few days of the normal teenage boy-girl drama ... she asked him. It was really cute too. She laid a big poster on his front porch that said, "I'd go bananas if you'd go to Monster Mash with me!" and scattered bananas all around it. Then, she put a smaller sign that said, "Don't monkey around and answer me quick" on his front door surrounded by monkey faces made from brown latex balloons. So. Cute.

We made tape rolls in the car and hustled to get everything set up, but while I was trying to get a picture his dog starts barking behind the door. We both took off and ran down the stairs to the car and pulled away. Hilarious. We parked a couple houses down and she dialed his number. When he answered, she yelled, "YOUR FRONT DOOR! YOUR FRONT DOOR!" What a great bonding moment.

Now, comes the fun part for me. I get to make her costume. I love making Halloween costumes; in fact, she has never had a store-bought one ... ever. We found some gorgeous purple fabric last night and I sketched the pattern pieces today. Do you like how I use up my old Christmas paper? More photos later as it comes together.

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