Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Loving Fall

I am loving fall right now. I fight the urge to drive up into the canyon almost almost daily. The laundry/cooking/dishes won't allow it ... maybe Saturday. It's finally time to dig out all my sweaters and thick socks and boots. It's time to pull out the flannel sheets for the kids and buy apple cider. I love it! Cold mornings with frost on the grass and sunny afternoons with the most beautiful leaves!I have the beginnings of my Fall book started for Kara's class. Boy, I'm dragging my feet a little on this one. I need to put a lot more creative energy into these to pretty them up and give them more depth. I think I just needed more fall out in the 'hood'. Now maybe I can finish these up and move on to the next project in my head.I'll be working on them this weekend.

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