Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thank Heaven!

We co-hosted a baby shower at our house yesterday. It was beautiful. We were 3 lovely women short due to illness, but all in all I would count it a success. We chose a Sugar n' Spice theme and decked the house out in brown and pink polka dots. It looked just like a Baskin Robbins. The guests played "Name that Spice" (12 tiny champagne cups filled w/ different spices to see and smell). And the mother-to-be played "Name that Sugar". This one was really mean and I hope she won't hold it against me. I put different types of candy and 'sugars' into real baby diapers then rolled them up like a real dirty diaper and tied them with a bright bow. She had to identify all 3 items in each 'dirty diaper'. We had applesauce with Sugar Babies and yellow Sour Patch Kids, Tapioca pudding w/ sliced 100 Grand bars and Lemon Heads and such ... the worst ones had things like chocolate pudding, Tootsie Rolls and Milk Duds, raisins, Whoppers .... You get the idea. Eeeew! It was hilarious and she was a great sport! Thanks for all the giggles ladies.

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