Monday, November 2, 2009

Monster Mash was the Bee's Knees

All dolled up and ready to PAR-TAY!
After cleaning up the baby shower and sewing until 3 am Saturday morning, we actually pulled this shindig off. The gals looked great ... and I LOVE that my girl helped design the most modest-glitzy-fun flapper dress ever. She even made the headpiece herself. We played a mix of Big Band songs in the background all night and they toasted each other with Baby Bellini mocktails. It was a riot. The guys were great about going all out with their costumes too.
Go Daddy-O!
The kids made their own pizzas for dinner that hubby grilled while I baked garlic bread in the oven. They ate and answered the door for trick-or-treaters at the same time, then ran through the neighborhood for their own candy booty. It took two cars to get them to the dance where they were given specific safety instructions courtesy of hubby dearest. We had 3 hours to wash dishes, clean up and take a breather before picking them up. They were all present and accounted for, thank goodness, and we brought them home to finish up the night. They were served Shirley Temples with ice cream and brownies and then went downstairs to watch a movie ... with bowls and bowls of popcorn and movie candy.

Oy! The night wrapped up around 2 am with me passed out in bed and hubby driving the last guests home. It was a blast, but I'm sure glad it's over.

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