Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Operation Nice and Toasty

Nothing gives me 'warm fuzzies' like seeing people be truly generous. This Sunday I had the privilege of participating in what I called 'Operation Nice and Toasty'; it was an opportunity to donate warm clothing items to several families in our neighborhood who were in need of winter wear. They are beautiful and humble people and it was a treat to see how happy they were to receive these things. Lots of the items were gently used or outgrown, but many were brand new with tags still on them. We donated everything we could find in our home and then I destashed my fleece supply by cutting it up into scarves for them. We got about 20 from extra fabric I had tucked away in a box downstairs. It was fun to watch my kids' faces as our items were chosen by the families ... just like Christmas in reverse and much more fulfilling.

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