Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Something's Not Right

OK, what's wrong with this picture? Honey??? I'm gonna need some help here. Sweetie? Dearest?
Yesterday my washing machine went on strike and completely pooped out on me. Now, if there's an appliance that's allowed to go on strike in my home ... it certainly doesn't reside in the laundry room. We have seven bodies here. SEVEN! That means that even if I spent the entire day doing laundry, every single piece of it ... washed and dried, folded and put away ... at that very same moment there would be at least another 42 pieces getting soiled. Believe me, I've done the calculation several times to try and figure out how it is that, no matter what, I always have 3 loads of clothes to be washed downstairs.

Luckily, the dryer's still got my back. So, I packed up the car this morning and spent some time at the Swishy Washy. See these first three machines? The Maxi's? They're all full of our dirties. I had a double load running in the next row too.
Once everything was done, I loaded it all back up in the car ... wet and HEAVY to be dried at home. Then I made a quick run to the bread store to restock the cupboards; we go through bread really fast too. I stopped at Harmon's to ship a night light to Fargo, North Dakota, and then went to the bank to file an affidavit of forgery for the whole debit card mess. Joy of joys.

On a side note, today I learned that if you keep loads of wet laundry and bags of bread in a warm car for more than ten minutes it starts to smell an awful lot like beer. Weird.

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