Wednesday, December 30, 2009

All Together Again

Monday night was a hoot. We finally got all the kidlets back under the same roof and got to listen to all the silly stories from their trips. After dinner, we opened a family gift from Grandma. What surprise did she have in store for us? Pictionary Man! Haha! If you haven't played this game yet ... you're definitely missing out.We just about ran to the table with it, popped in the batteries, skimmed over the rules, reminded everyone to be good sports and jumped right in. You actually draw on Pictionary Man or either of the two props using a dry erase pen. So, if you get the word 'cheerleader' you can draw a cheerleader's uniform on Mr. Man and make the round prop a pom pom. We went through words like puppeteer, mascot, lingerie, John Lennon, Marie Antoinette and Titanic. It was a riot and we were all having some good old fashioned fun. Then our son needed to know what a proctologist was for his turn. Ha! Nice. Our youngest passed on jockstrap and I about wet my pants when I pulled Bosom Buddies for my last turn. Good times. Good times!My sweet Hubby set scones out to rise for our 'Christmas morning' breakfast and we sent the little angels off to bed. It was nice not having to wait up for Santa this year. We all got some much needed rest and were up by seven to tear into the presents. Stockings first, as always, and then we cycled through the kids so we can all see what everyone got. Izzy even got some great new chew toys. It's so good to have everyone together again. I love Christmas!

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