Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lost and Found

This is horrible to publicly admit, but I have lost my wedding ring more times than I can count. Usually it turns up in a day or so at the bottom of the washing machine or in a pocket of my purse. It's not my fault, I promise. The design is just so open and intricate that I take it off a lot to keep from getting lotion and goop stuck in it. I swear I only take it off to protect it. The problem is that I get sidetracked all too often and will forget to put it back on right away and then lose track of it.

Last night I'd had enough. I just had this feeling it had to be in my closet somewhere. I pulled all my shoes off the floor tipping them upside down and shaking them like a crazy person. It had to be there. Somewhere. Then I pulled out my shoe cubby thinking maybe it had fallen out of a pair of pants and behind the wood cabinet. Nope. Going against what all my common sense was telling me I started pulling the shoes out of the cabinet to look in each cubby. (stupid me, I started at the top for no reason) It wasn't until I got to the 10th compartment that I saw it ... back in the dark corner, shivering and afraid. We smiled at each other and both breathed a sigh of relief.I just don't understand how it ended up there of all places. In my closet. In my shoe cubby. Way the heck behind a pair of wooden sandals I haven't worn in over a year because they make me sound like a horse clomping around. How do you explain that one? Leprechauns? Evil house elf? Whatever it was it couldn't keep us apart. I was so glad we found each other. I immediately burst into tears and said a long prayer of thanks. We enjoyed the evening together and had a great day getting reacquainted. Isn't she lovely? I love her white gold goodness. She's my perfect jewelry match!

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  1. Lisa, I really think that you need to get some cute, kinda funky container that you can keep it in when you need to remove it. Works for keys, why not rings? One place. Always. Good luck! :)