Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm Alive! I Promise!

It's been exactly a month since my last post. How pathetic of me. Sincere apologies to those of you who are sweet enough to keep coming back for more. I promise I am trying to get back on track here. A lot has happened, both good and bad, in the last little while all of which have kept me more than busy.

My JetBlue interview was a breeze and I've made the move from Reservations to Crew Support. This gives me lots of gray area to work with and I can actually make decisions to help our customers instead of just stating policy. It's nice feeling a little empowered on the job now ... "I am Crew Support. Hear me roar!" Haha! Of course, this also means we're the Supervisor Desk, so all those nasty people who call in yelling and screaming about how they were only 10 minutes late and the plane left without them ... how dare we leave on time, they're calling their lawyers and will make sure everyone they know NEVER flies with us again ... yeah, all those calls are transferred to us too. Ucky. For the most part, I've been able to handle them alright. It feels a lot like parenting sometimes.

So! The job shift brought with it 2 more weeks of training and now 90 days working from the center. :( It hasn't been too bad so far, but I sure miss the comforts of working from home and having my desk and computer set up just the way I like them. At least I've settled into my new schedule now which gives me a little more free time to 'restock' the bloggity blog. I have 5 weeks in review to post, but I'll start with a fab new recipe from one of the gals I work with. All our kids love these cookies, but I hate buying them at the store. This recipe is absolutely as easy as it gets!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
1 box spice cake mix (I used Duncan Hines, on sale)
1 15 oz can packed pumpkin
1/2 package milk chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Lighly grease cookie sheet

Mix cake mix and pumpkin in a large bowl until moist and smooth. Stir in chocolate chips and drop in mounds onto cookie sheet. Bake for 8-10 minutes until firm. These cookies won't spread at all, so they'll look just like they do when you drop them. They are super quick and yummilicious. We got 4 dozen, but that would vary based on how big you make yours.

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