Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week in Review: Double Whammy 3/4/10 & 3/11/10

Time is flying and I've been neglecting my posts ... (bowing head in shame). I'm sorry. Even this will be a short post, but I will get back on track. Promise.The first week of March was filled with a wide variety of events. There was the Blue and Gold Banquet for the cub scouts. I was in charge of decorations and went to town with the balloons. (tip for all: for large quantities of balloons always use an air compressor; it's dreamy) Then we had a fireside and learned about the lives of Joseph and Hyrum Smith from two of their descendants. We sold the family van, watched the box elder bugs come back to life (shudder) and spent hours and hours at parent/teacher conferences ... 24 teachers in 2 days. Fun. Our two oldest daughters ended up grounded for the upcoming weekend as a result of the conferences. Ah, the joys of parenting.The second week was a different variety altogether! First, there was lots of sewing for items that I donated at our service auction. I made two more appliqued baby blankets (so fun) and two sets of appliqued burp cloths (adorable). The auction in itself was a blast; it was hilarious watching these sweet women go at it for the good buys. The Uruguayan empanadas were by far the biggest draw. Then there was an exciting trip to the Apple store to buy hubby dearest a new computer ... oh how I love my Mac. I was also taught a new technique for taping up my daughter's feet for track. The picture is only about half the process. We had spring snow and spring sun and it was all beautiful! Oh, and I interviewed for a new department at jetBlue! Results will post later this week.

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