Friday, August 21, 2009

Picnik Anyone?

If you haven't found yet then I have a real treat for you. It's a great free-ish online photo editing playground. You get access to a handful of fun tools for free and loads more if you buy the upgrade for an almost free price. I've been editing the photos from my trip and thought I would have some fun with some of them.

This little treasure was one of the great porch decorations on Lombard. I love the repetition and the angles and am dying to know if it lights up at night. Anywho it was a great piece for my little illustration here. This is the original. I just uploaded and cropped it in the Edit tab and then used some of my favorite effects from the Create tab.
#1 is Lomo-ish (effects), #2 is with the HSL Filter (sandbox), #3 is using Hypnotic (sandbox) and #4 shows you Neon (effects). I love them all! And each effect/filter has custom tools for adjusting each picture to your exact liking. Change the brightness, hue, bloom, saturation, you name it. Play and finesse to your little heart's content then save and share. Voila!

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