Monday, January 11, 2010

Starting Small

So far ... so good. Just reminding myself publicly that sometimes we need to find success in the little things because, over time, they'll add up. So today I accomplished the following:

Started/Finished 5 loads of laundry
Completed 1.5 hours of JetBlue training
Researched online Driver's Ed courses
Had a great lower body work out
Cooked a healthy dinner the whole family loved
Poop-scooped the back yard
Taught #5 the < and > signs for his math homework
Gave myself a pedicure and finally repainted my toenails

Not earth shattering, I know, but things I can remove from my to-do list. Now I just need to make a shopping list and hit the grocery store tonight. Fun. Tomorrow I'm hoping to clear out the 4 boxes of cans in the living room so I can cut a nice big batch Wednesday. It's been way too long since I've lit up my torch.

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